Memorial Community Development Corporation

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Economic Development

Economic Development

Memorial CDC builds economic opportunity in Evansville’s center city through a mix of employment, economic and personal achievement initiatives.

Find Business Ownership or Personal Achievement Support

What kind of assistance do you need?

Starting and running a business can be challenging. The Evansville Black Chamber of Commerce helps Black entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders grow and make an impact in our community. Connect with other talented leaders and find helpful resources for running your business.

Memorial CDC offers financial capability services to help you improve your ability to make sound decisions with your financial resources. Call us today at 812-423-2500 to get started. 

small business owner accessing financial capability services through memorial cdc in evansville indiana

The PATHS program is a life coaching program customized to help you achieve your personal goals. Through this program, you work directly with one of our family care specialists to put you on the path to a better you.

two young Black professionals discussing their goals together